Smartphone Applications

  • File icon Kassem_BF_2020.apk
    Download8.46 MB
  • File icon Kasem_English_Bible-2.0.apk
    Download9.17 MB
  • File icon Kasem - French - English dictionary
    Download32.67 MB
  • File icon Ghana Kasem dictionary
    Download1.94 MB
  • File icon Kasem Folk-tales 1 with audio
    Download12.59 MB
  • File icon Kasem Folk-tales 2 with audio
    Download17.08 MB
  • File icon Folk-tales in Kasem
    Download5.39 MB
  • File icon Folk-tales Kasem and French
    Download5.23 MB
  • File icon Kasem proverbs
    Download5.06 MB
  • File icon Kasem proverbs explained in French
    Download3.62 MB
  • File icon moore.dictionary-4.0.apk
    Download65.31 MB

These are some smartphone applications that you can download and install on your Android smartphone or Androit tablet.

Smartphone App installation:

1. Download the .apk file to your computer

2. Copy this file into your smartphone

3. Go to «Settings»

4. Go to «Security»

5. Click on «unknown sources»   

6. Install the App on your smartphone.

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Or else, you can download directly an application onto your Android smartphone or Tablet by going to Google Play Store: