Folk-tales vol. 3 with audio

24 Folk-tales followed by a translation into French

Table of content:

1. The hunter, chameleon, crane and turtle
2. The chef, the lizard and the sparrowhawk
3. The hawk and the hen
 4. Why is the dog howling and the hyena is laughing?
 5. The sun and the moon
 6. The bat and the owl
 7. The rat, the crow, the tortoise and the gazelle
 8. One person does not have all the wisdom

9. Later we realize that the old fool was right
10. The genet and chameleon race
11. What made the turtle have a shell
12. What made the monkeys have lice
13. The chameleon and the monkey
14. What made the hyena's mouth deformed
15. The origin of the ugly pig mouth
16. All work has its usefulness

17. The spider and the snake
18. Money and the smart person
19. The chef and his three children
20. An orphan has become a head
21. The dog and the rooster

22. What made the crocodile in the water

23. The great king and the two birds

24. The hyena and the genius

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